Municipal Resources

Please help us get the word out, and post a link to our County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Plan website on your municipal website.   Share a link to, or post the picture above or this flyer on your website. 

Towns and Villages in Onondaga County were mailed a brief questionnaire on agriculture in their municipalities in June 2021. Reach out to if you have any questions or would like to fill out a survey.

The nature of agriculture is changing, and we would like to help your municipality stay up-to-date.  We are looking for up to five municipalities in Onondaga County to open up your planning documents and local ordinances and let the Project Team take a peek.  The team will provide your town or village with ideas to make your communities more farm-friendly.  Please email  if your municipality would like to know more or partner with us on a Farm Friendly Assessment. 

Please reach out to us.  We are looking for your ideas! You can contact us by emailing or attending a public meeting.  We are seeking proposal and ideas for impactful transformational projects or initiatives to help sustain and grow agriculture in Onondaga County.