About the Plan

What is the Ag Plan?

The state of agriculture in Onondaga County has seen significant changes over the years. Through it all, local agriculture remains a critical part of our economy, food system, and landscape. Our county is gifted with highly productive agricultural soils, a legacy of farming operations and know-how, and an environment that supports a highly diverse array of crops and opportunities to engage with the local food system. The Onondaga County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan, an update to the 1997 plan, reports on the state of our agriculture and is a framework for both protecting this farmland and supporting agricultural viability.

Plan Objectives

• Describe current agricultural conditions in Onondaga County
• Develop a shared vision for agricultural economic development and farmland protection
• Create actionable strategies to increase agricultural viability
• Encourage and support farmland protection
• Increase public interest and awareness of local agriculture.

Project Team

Syracuse-Onondaga County Planning Agency

Dan Kwasnowski, Director

Megan Costa, Assistant Director for County Planning Services

Cornell Cooperative Extension

David Skeval, Director

Jenny Smith, Agricultural Specialist

Onondaga County Soil and Water Conservation District

Mark Burger, Executive Director

Consultant Team

EDR, Prime Consultant

KK&P, Sub Consultant

George R. Frantz and Associates, Sub Consultant

Onondaga County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Board

Brian Reeves, Farmer
Lee Hudson, Farmer
Mark Tucker, Farmer
Kay Hilsberg, Farmer
Edwin Skeele, Agribusiness
Brian May, County Legislature
Scott Winkleman, Ag. Land Preservation
Craig Dennis, Soil and Water Conservation
Donald Weber, Real Property Tax Director
Dan Kwasnowski, AICP, SOCPA Director
David Skeval, CCE Onondaga Director

Jamie McNamara, Clerk of the Legislature
Melanie Vilardi, Deputy Clerk

The Plan

Background Documents

1997 Onondaga County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan  &  Food Plan CNY

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